Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the full periodic table displayed?

Most of the elements not displayed on are rather uncommon, many of which do not occur naturally. Those elements are found in far fewer compounds than the elements used here. Elements that make up the majority of the chemical compounds that have established uses are those displayed in the main table on

I have found an error on How can I submit a correction?

Currently there is no way for users of to advise the owner of the site of a potential error. This functionality will be added in the future.

I have a compound I would like to see added to How can I do that?

This feature has not been added yet, but in the future, users can submit ideas for compounds and their applications.

Are all the known chemical compounds included on this site?

Very definitely not! There are millions of known compounds...far too many to ever come close to describing them all on this site. However, most of the better-known compounds are in the CompoundCreator database and more will be added as the site gains popularity.

Can I form at least one compound with every element listed here?

Yes, there is at least one compound in the database for each of the elements shown on the partial table of elements on the front page of It is a challenge left for the user to find some of the more unusual or obscure compounds!

How many different compounds can CompoundCreator make?

We're not telling! But right now the answer is: "well into the hundreds, with more on the way."

Can I use CompoundCreator to help with my chemistry homework?

While CompoundCreator strives for accuracy, we cannot make any guarantees about the correctness of the information found on the site. So, no, please do not use CompoundCreator to help with your chemistry homework. See terms of service or the about page for more information.

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